Working with the families of Veterans over the past 13 years has been a very rewarding experience at Senior Care Associates. We have had thousands of opportunities to listen to the care needs associated with families who are not sure which direction or decision to make. Whether it is questions related to staying in their home, moving in with a family member or a family member moving in with their loved ones, assisted living, long-term care needs, skilled nursing home, Medicaid and Medicare. We try and direct families based on their geographical, financial and care needs.

Our staff has had many experiences working with seniors in this industry from Nursing Home Administrator, to Assisted Living, Home Health and Hospice and Home Personal Care we have the know how and the experience to direct families which direction they will need to go and the hard decisions that need to be made. We are fortunate enough to have a VA accredited attorney in our office. All of our work is done and completed in our office by our staff here in Sandy UT. We have worked together long enough and know each other very well and the roles we each play. Our weekly staff meeting allows us to discuss our case load and where we are at with the families we are working with. We are not limited to one meeting as if a situation arises we can go down the hall and discuss this with the appropriate person involved. We pay close attention to details as our priority is the families we are working with and making sure that their goals are met with perfection.

We have had the opportunity of working with families all across the United States, from Florida to Maine to Washington and CA and most states in between. We have diversified our company and put essential tools in place to be very effective in working with families all over the USA. The internet has made our world a smaller place in working with families. Our tracking system is up to date as each time we converse with a family we are able to update and stay on top of each individual situation. We have learned from our mistakes and through our growing pains have hired a staff that has been next to none in excellence and performance. If we are not, let us know so we can always improve and be on top of our performance.

We deal with the government which at times can be a little frustrating. I hate to generalize, as each VA office is a little bit different, some better staffed than others. We try and make sure all our ducks are in a row as we deal and communicate with our big brother. We have been most successful by-passing our local VA and dealing directly with St. Paul. The reasoning behind this is through experience dealing direct is better and not another avenue for documents to be misplaced, lost or delayed by our local VA.