No one plans to fail, but by failing to plan you may end-up leaving little if nothing to your spouse and, eventually, your family.

Ways most people know how to pay for long term care:

  • Private-pay by using existing assets and income
  • Private-pay with help from LTC insurance benefits
  • Private-pay with help from family members
  • Private-pay with help of the VA Aid and Attendance benefit
  • Spend-down your assets, then qualify for Medicaid

OR… You can do Financial Health Care Planning with Senior Care Associates

Did you know that with proper planning it is possible to receive government benefits and pensions that cover long term care without spending every last cent you have? By default, a vast majority of seniors end up on Medicaid, but only because they failed to plan and exhausted all of their personal assets. Our goal is to help seniors understand and protect their income and assets so they avoid ending-up in the same boat – a sinking financial ship!